Great Crested Newts

Consultancy services to support both development and conservation schemes.

First Ecology offers a complete service of assessment, licensing, mitigation and management measures for great crested newts. From the outset we rigorously assess the potential presence of and risks to this species so that the most pragmatic route to project commencement can be pursued within guideline and legislative parameters. If a mitigation strategy is required, this is discussed and agreed at the earliest opportunity to enable prompt attainment of consents and licenses from the relevant statutory authorities. Once permitted, we are ready to implement the strategy, maintaining throughout, a keen focus on meeting project timescales and a cost effective delivery.

Our Great Crested Newt service includes:

A range of surveys:

Preliminary great crested newt assessment
Great crested newt eDNA survey
Breeding great crested newt survey
(bottle trap survey, torch light survey, netting survey, egg search survey)

Great crested newt non-licensable method statement

Great crested newt enhancement strategy

Great crested newt mitigation licence

Great crested newt mitigation implementation:

Trapping and translocation
Destructive search
Night search

Great crested newt monitoring

Other Services

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and conservation projects across the UK.

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