Ash Dieback Report

By | 19 April 2020


Assess all woodlands and trees adjacent to roads, Identify footpaths and houses that are adjacent to the trusts trees and woodlands. Particularly focusing on areas and trees highlighted by the (tree inspection level 1) qualified reserve managers. The assessment quantified the risk to the public and prioritised works using visual tree inspections with quantified tree risk assessment used to illustrate the risk level based on the target (roads, footpaths, car parks and properties). GIS data was used in the commissioning of the tree works to ensure the contractors had a clear plan of the areas requiring works.


First Ecology liaised with the reserve managers to prioritise the reserves of most concern. Following the survey a list of sites and their risk level was produced and a presentation given to the trustees on the likely implications for trust in terms of the risk to the public, nature and an estimation of the cost of works.

Client: Somerset Wildlife Trust

Site: Reserve sites across Somerset

Services: Ash dieback - tree risk assessment