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Consultancy services to support both development and conservation schemes.
We use standard and bespoke-specialist survey techniques to collect accurate and reliable data which is interpreted by our licensed bat ecologists to inform project objectives. Where impacts are anticipated, a strategy is prepared to achieve necessary consents based on known local planning and statutory authority requirements

Our bat service includes:

  • A range of surveys:

Preliminary bat assessment
Bat dropping DNA analysis
Bat roost survey - dusk emergence/pre-dawn re-entry
survey, automated survey, aerial inspection survey,
exploratory inspection survey, hibernation inspection survey

  • Bat non-licensable method statement
  • Bat lighting scheme review
  • Bat enhancement strategy
  • Bat mitigation licence / bat mitigation class licence:

Application form
Method statement
Work schedule
Reasoned statement
Report of action

  • Bat mitigation implementation:

bat box supply and installation
pre-works inspection
toolbox talks
Ecological Clerk of Works
Bat mitigation monitoring

Other Species

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Hazel dormice
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