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Watchford Farm

watchford batClient: Miss Clutterbuck    


Date: July 2014-February 2015      

Watchford Farm, Yarcombe, Devon        



Services: Preliminary Bat Roost Assessment, Roost Dusk Emergence Pre-dawn Re-Entry Surveys, EPS Mitigation Licencing, Ecological Clerk of Works








To undertake all necessary ecological survey and mitigation works to facilitate the conversion of a 19th century barn to a residential dwelling.




First Ecology initially carried out a preliminary roost assessment followed by dusk emergence and pre-dawn re-entry surveys in the summer 2014 and further visual inspections in 2015. The surveys revealed the presence of a single common pipistrelle bat and two brown long-eared bats roosting within the interior walls of the barn.

In accordance with EU and UK legislation, a European protected species mitigation licence was prepared and granted by Natural England. The mitigation measures included the installation of a wooden Kent bat box on the exterior of the building, the suitable timing of the works to minimise the likelihood of bat encounter, destruction of crevice roost sites within the barn and the specification of suitable external lighting to avoid any negative impacts on bat activity post-development.

Watchford farm