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St Modwen road, Plymouth

bee orchid

Client: Peter Brett


Date: 2015


Site: St Modwen road, Plymouth


Services: Preliminary ecological appraisal; bat presence or likely absence surveys – dusk emergence survey and transect activity surveys. 









Objective: To undertake a preliminary ecological assessment of the site to identify any potential ecological constraints and provide an indication of the further survey and mitigation works required in order to support a full planning permission for the demolition and clearance of a brownfield site in Plymouth.


Outcome: As part of the preliminary ecological appraisal, the survey identified nine standard Phase 1 habitat types within the site.


The brownfield site itself was considered to provide limited foraging and commuting opportunities for bats due to the scattered nature of suitable habitat. No bats were recorded exiting or entering roosts within the derelict building on the site during the roost dusk emergence survey and the transect surveys confirmed that both common and soprano pipistrelles made infrequent commuting passes across the site. Therefore, the derelict building was confirmed as unsuitable as a roost for bats and no further survey or mitigation measures were required.


The bee orchids identified within the site were subsequently retained and protected in situ during and post development of the site or where this was not possible the plants and surrounding substrate were translocated into newly created onsite planting beds.


To prevent the loss of swallow nesting opportunities within the derelict building artificial nesting sites were specified as a component of the final design.


These ecological mitigation features together with measures to avoid impacts on the adjacent May’s Marsh woodland and the River Plym were described in a detailed ecological mitigation and enhancement strategy (EMES).

As a result of the works conducted and the rate at which they were scheduled and completed the project was able to achieve planning consent within projected timescales.Scattered scrub on site