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Scorlinch Farm

Schorlinch farmClient: Countrylines Architects Limited


Date: 2015


Site: Schorlinch Farm, Devon


Services: Preliminary Roost Assessment; Bat Roost Dusk Emergence Pre-dawn Re-entry Surveys










Objective: To undertake a preliminary roost assessment of a derelict dairy building to identify the presence of legally protected species or features of ecological importance and to provide an indication of the further survey and mitigation works required in order for Countrylines Architects Limited to obtain planning permission for the conversion of the building into an indoor family swimming pool.



Outcome: The initial survey identified discarded butterfly remains and crevice features within the roof of the building that could be exploited as occasional day and night roosting sites. The building was assessed to have a low potential to support roosting bats and therefore to confirm the presence or likely absence of these species a combined dusk emergence and pre-dawn re-entry survey was recommended.

The roost emergence and pre-dawn re-entry survey confirmed that two common pipistrelle bats were using the building as a day roost and therefore two additional surveys were undertaken to characterise the roosts.

Working closely with Countryline Architects Limited, First Ecology were able to develop a mitigation strategy that incorporated the recreation of new bat roosts and roost access points suitable for common pipistrelles that replicated the locations of the pre-development roosts present within the building.

Planning permission was achieved and action was taken by First Ecology to obtain a European Protected Species mitigation licence for the temporary destruction then reinstatement of the roosting sites.