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bat survey

Bat surveys


Bat surveys are likely to be required if a proposed activity will impact buildings, meadows, grasslands, pasture, parkland, hedgerows, scrub, watercourses, woodland or trees….bat survey trigger list


Preliminary roost assessment


Tree habitat suitability


Roost dusk emergence and pre-dawn re-entry surveys


Bat activity surveys comprising transects and automated detector surveys


Tree climbing bat surveys


Endoscope bat surveys


Hibernation roost visits


Dropping DNA analysis


Capture using harp traps, mist nets and hand-held nets.


Bat survey calendar





Bat low impact class licence


Bats: mitigation licence application form (A13a-1) for up to 3 species


Bats: mitigation licence application form (A13b-1) for 4 or more species


Method statement for bats mitigation licence


Reasoned statement for preserving public health and safety



Work schedule for bat mitigation licence




First Ecology will design a proportionate mitigation strategy in consultation with appointed project specialists to enable to the proposed development to proceed.


Ecological clerk of works


Post development monitoring


Bat box supply and installation


Habitat management, creation and enhancement



Case studies