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bat survey

Bat surveys


  • Preliminary roost assessment
  • Tree habitat suitability
  • Roost dusk emergence and pre-dawn re-entry surveys
  • Bat activity surveys comprising transects and automated detector surveys
  • Tree climbing bat surveys
  • Endoscope bat surveys
  • Hibernation roost visits
  • Dropping DNA analysis
  • Capture using harp traps, mist nets and hand-held nets.




  • Bat low impact class licence
  • Bats: mitigation licence application form (A13a-1) for up to 3 species
  • Bats: mitigation licence application form (A13b-1) for 4 or more species
  • Method statement for bats mitigation licence
  • Reasoned statement for preserving public health and safety
  • Reasoned statement for overriding public interest
  • Work schedule for bat mitigation licence




  • Ecological clerk of works
  • Post development monitoring
  • Bat box supply and installation
  • Habitat management, creation and enhancement