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Badger Surveys

Badger Surveys

Badger Surveys


  • Habitat suitability assessments
  • Sett detection and status assessment
  • Activity surveys
  • Bait-marking surveys and tracking studies
  • Nocturnal observation using night vision equipment and automated motion capture cameras
  • Monitoring surveys


Impact assessment


  • Identification of potential direct and indirect impacts, both at the site level and in a wider perspective: risks of disturbing, injurying or killing badgers, habitat modification, loss, fragmentation or isolation, post development interference impacts and poor data situations or ‘last minute discoveries’
  • Quantification of potential impacts in terms of extent, magnitude, duration, timing, frequency, reversibility and cumulative effects.
  • Strategic advice on project feasibility


Licences for Badger Surveys

    We have licences:

    • to interfere with setts for development purposes









    • Artificial sett specifications


    • Receptor site selection


    • Artificial sett creation


    • Installation of badger fencing


    • Sett closures including installation of exclusion gates


    • Destruction of setts, including live digs


    • Precautionary working method statements


    • Tool box talks


    • Ecological clerk of works


    • Management plans for artificial setts, wildlife corridors, underpasses, badger-proof fencing and beneficial planting and landscaping schemes.




    Badger sett exclusion – timescales


    Case studies