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Vegetation Monitoring of Exmoor Mires

Client: South West Water


Sector: Environmental Research 


Project at a glance


c2ag_274x219_3_exmoor_mires_webSouth West Water’s Exmoor Mires Project began in 1998 and is an on-going study of catchment level restoration of mire and bog sites. To assess the efficacy of restoration efforts vegetation monitoring at a base-line level and post-restoration is required. First Ecology were employed to undertake this specialised survey work with supporting mapping and data handling.


The First Ecology solution


Highly experienced surveyors from First Ecology with an in depth knowledge of bryophyte and vascular plant botany teamed up with local volunteers, who were trained to the required standard in sessions organised by First Ecology. Appropriate sites within Exmoor National Park were selected and high resolution maps were produced, ensuring they could be effectively found and assessed. Each transect was surveyed in detail by at least one professional surveyor, with invaluable assistance from volunteers. Appropriate samples were collected and analysed where necessary.


Outcome and benefits


To date, First Ecology have delivered high quality survey results for more than 30 sites, allowing South West Water to improve their catchment management systems and ensure the Exmoor continues to be an area of exceptional botanical interest.

Such was the quality of results produced, First Ecology have been invited to continue monitoring the area and contribute to on-going research.