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Reptile Projects



Client: Strongvox


Date: 2014


Services: Safe clearance of reptile habitats. Exclusion, trapping and translocation of reptiles.


Project at a Glance:



The development involved the construction of more than 80 dwellings on a Wellington site location. After the required ‘preliminary ecological assessment’ and subsequent ‘extended phase 1 habitat survey’, potential reptile habitats were identified and reptiles were discovered on the site. 


First Ecology were commissioned to put together a Biodiversity Management Plan. This plan was then taken forward with the firm to exclude, trap and translocate reptiles to a new suitable location. The safe clearance of reptile habitats was also delivered. This plan allowed for the development to continue and gave the reptiles a new safe haven.   




The First Ecology Solution:



20 reptiles were trapped and relocated. These included:


– viviparous lizard (Zootoca vivipoa

– slow worm (Anguis fragilis)

– grass snake (Natrix natrix)


The reptiles were successfully relocated to a site in Wiveliscombe; seven miles from their original habitat. The new site selected by First Ecology had key features including sufficient open areas for basking refuge and dispersal; sufficient vertebrate and invertebrate prey items; decomposing organic material for egg-laying grass snakes; hedgerow connections; compost and rubble providing hibernation structures. 



Outcome and Benefits:



The approach by First Ecology has allowed for benefits to both humans and reptiles. The firms ability to come up with innovative ecological solutions allow for the co-existence of native wildlife in and amongst modern society. 


On this project First Ecology began with initial surveying which then progressed to further commission due to the high professional standards and customer service provided.





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