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Bat projects

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Client: BAM Construction Ltd.

Date: 2012

Services: Bat roost destructive search at Taunton Academy, Taunton.


Objective: Ecological supervision of the de-tiling of the upper storey walls of Taunton Academy and boiler room building following bat roost assessment and inspection.
Outcome: Initially, pre-demolition internal and external bat inspection surveys of the buildings were undertaken from the ground by a Natural England licenced bat ecologist. As previously established, externally there were numerous roosting opportunities beneath hanging tiles, lead flashings and roofing felt capping. Internally molded concrete ceiling panels, voids between walls and ceilings and superficial demolition work crevices offered suitable roost locations with access possible via widely opened windows. No evidence of bats was observed and so the contractors were instructed to proceed with the demolition works as specified in the pre-prepared method statement and under the supervision of the bat ecologist.
A common pipistrelle bat was discovered mid-way through the destructive search, collected using gloves, placed in a holding bag and transferred to the Schwegler 2F bat box.. Once relocated, tile removal continued on the building according to the specified methodology until no further roosting opportunities remained and all reasonable measures had been taken to ensure the protection of roosting bats.
“We were very happy with the work that First Ecology did for us at Taunton and your co-operation with our demolition contractor.” Richard White, Senior Site Manager, BAM Construction Ltd.



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