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New Kings Road

new kings rd


Client: London Square


Date: 2014


Site: 100 New Kings Road, London, SW6 4LX


Services: BREEAM Ecological Site Survey, BREEAM Ecological Report









Objective: To conduct a survey to establish the ecological value of a development site on New Kings Road and provide an ecological report to support design stage compliance with BREEAM UK New Construction 2014.




LE 02 Ecological value of land and protection of ecological features. 1 credit awarded.


The habitat types comprising the development site were identified as building, hard landscaping and a small area where two trees were removed now containing wood chip and leaf litter. Due also to the lack of habitat connectivity to surrounding green areas, it was deemed an area of low ecological value. No features of ecological significance were identified surrounding the construction site or boundary, thus no protective measures were required.


LE 03 Mitigating ecological impacts. 2 credits awarded.


The pre-construction site was calculated to possess a species richness of 0. Presuming compliance to the advised instalment of two mature London Plane trees, the change in ecological value of the site was calculated as greater than 0 and therefore inducing a positive change.


LE 04 Enhancing site ecology. 1 credit awarded.


A recommendation to replace the previously removed trees with two mature London planes, sourced from a supplier of native tree stock in England, was proposed to enhance the ecological status of the site. A growth management plan was also provided in accordance AWW Architects Tree Management Strategy.


LE05 Long term impact on biodiversity. 2 credits awarded.


Due to a lack of site ecological value, some additional measures required by BREEAM were non-applicable.  However, compliance to EU and UK legislation regarding protection of ecology was confirmed through lack of evidence for bat residence. In addition, there was no evidence of the presence of protected or invasive non-native plant species. To reduce potential impacts on breeding birds, work to areas of the building accessible to birds was advised to be conducted outside the bird breeding season. If unavoidable however, nesting bird checks conducted 24 hours prior to construction by a suitably qualified ecologist were advised.