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Hedgerow survey


  • Recording of hedgerow attributes to indicate whether a particular hedgerow is in ‘favourable condition’.  Essential assessment criteria will include hedgerow type, dimensions, connections, adjacent land use, associated features, ground flora species and invasive species.
  • “Important” hedgerow surveys
  • Assessment using the Hedgerow Evaluation and Grading System (HEGS)



Impact assessment


  • Identification of development impacts on “important” hedgerows according to Hedgerow Regulation criteria.
  • Assessment of the hedgerow’s potential to support protected animal species.




Preparation of applications for Hedgerow Removal Notices




  • Method statements detailing actions to avoid or reduce impacts on hedgerows.
  • Design and creation of new hedgerows
  • Management plans to maintain and improve hedgerow condition in relation to Local Biodiversity Action Plan (BAP) targets.




Design and implementation of a monitoring strategy to determine on-going hedgerow condition.

Hedgerow surveys can be carried out throughout the year, but to ensure all species are captured, surveys should ideally take place between April and September.