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Code for Sustainable Homes

Code for sustainable homes

The Code for Sustainable Homes (CSH) is used to benchmark the sustainability of new housing developments, with many Planning Authorities and Housing Associations requiring Code Level 3 and 4 respectively as a minimum. First Ecology has experienced and fully qualified Code Assessors that are able to offer a Code for Sustainable Homes Assessment service throughout the whole of the UK. First Ecology can assist at each of the key stages of the CSH assessment process.


Pre-assessment reports for planning application submission


This identifies credits that may be achieved and the evidence required, and assigns actions to each member of the design team. It is not only an invaluable tool for the design team, but can also be submitted with a planning application to evidence that the project is on target to achieve the required Code rating.


Pre-assessment reports, advice and guidance at the design stage


We work with our clients at every stage of the project to ensure that Code compliance solutions are seamlessly integrated into the design and construction process.


Guidance on achieving specific code levels


This minimises the risk of having to take expensive and time-consuming measures post-completion in order to achieve the desired rating.


Design stage assessment leading to interim certificates


The Assessor determines an interim CSH rating at the design stage, based upon evidence gathered from design drawings, specifications and commitments made by the design team. The assessment is then issued to a licensed accreditation body (e.g. our sister company Stroma Certification), who, after verifying the evidence, will issue an interim design stage certificate.


Post-construction stage assessment leading to final code certificates


A Post-Construction Assessment confirms, through site visits and documentary evidence, that the dwellings have been built to the Design Stage specifications. Any variations are re-assessed; the CSH credits and overall rating are adjusted accordingly. The assessment is again issued to an accreditation body, who verify the rating and issue the final Post-Construction Certificate.


Supporting Services


We can offer the following additional consultancy services relating to the CSH:


  • Ecology surveys and reports: We can deliver ecology reports, including site surveys, delivered by CIEMM and AWTC members (Chartered Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management and Association of Wildlife Trust Consultancies), and therefore qualified to gain credits under the ECO1, ECO2, ECO3 and ECO4 criteria to establish where credits can be awarded.