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Arboricultural method statement

Arboricultural method statement


An arboricultural method statement will detail how particular processes will be carried out close to trees without causing damage to the crown or root systems. It will include details on how the works will be managed and how the trees will be adequately protected during the works.


Our arboricultural method statements can form part of a planning consent in cases where construction is due to take place in close proximity to important trees or within the root protection area of a tree due to be retained.


A precautionary approach towards tree protection will be adopted and any operations, including access, proposed within the RPA (or crown spread where this is greater) will be described within the arboricultural method statement, in order to demonstrate that the operations can be undertaken with minimal risk of adverse impact on trees to be retained.


The arboricultural method statement will be appropriate to the proposals and will typically address some or all of the following, incorporating relevant information from other specialists as required:


a) removal of existing structures and hard surfacing;


b) installation of temporary ground protection


c) excavations and the requirement for specialized trenchless techniques;


d) installation of new hard surfacing – materials, design constraints and implications for levels;


e) specialist foundations – installation techniques and effect on finished floor levels and overall height;


f) retaining structures to facilitate changes in ground levels;


g) preparatory works for new landscaping;


h) auditable/audited system of arboricultural site monitoring, including a schedule of specific site events requiring input or supervision.


The arboricultural method statement will also include a list of contact details for the relevant parties.