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Arboricultural impact assessment

arboricultural impact assessment


A suitability qualified arboriculturist will prepare an arboricultural impact assessment that evaluates the direct and indirect effects of the proposed design and where necessary recommends mitigation.


The assessment will take account of the effects of any tree loss required to implement the design, and any potentially damaging activities proposed in the vicinity of retained trees. Such activities might include the removal of existing structures and hard surfacing, the installation of new hard surfacing, the installation of services, and the location and dimensions of all proposed excavations or changes in ground level, including any that might arise from the implementation of the recommended mitigation measures.


In addition to the impact of the permanent works, account will be taken of the temporary effects of the scheme in terms of access, adequate working space and provision for the storage of materials.


As well as an evaluation of the extent of the impact on existing trees, the arboricultural impact assessment will include:


a) the tree survey;


b) trees selected for retention, clearly identified (e.g. by number) and marked on a plan with a continuous outline;


c) trees to be removed, also clearly identified (e.g. by number) and marked on a plan with a dashed outline or similar;


d) trees to be pruned, including any access facilitation pruning, also clearly identified and labelled or listed as appropriate;


e) areas designated for structural landscaping that need to be protected from construction operations in order to prevent the soil structure being damaged;


f) evaluation of impact of proposed tree losses;


g) evaluation of tree constraints and draft tree protection plan;


h) issues to be addressed by an arboricultural method statement where necessary in conjunction with input from other specialists.