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Badger survey training course

Badger Survey Training CourseBadger Survey Training Course summary


The aim of the Badger Survey Training Course is to introduce the knowledge and skills required to deliver commercial surveys in accordance with best practice guidance.


Course content




  • Conservation status;
  • distribution;
  • threats to populations, species range and species survival;
  • badger ecology, breeding biology and behaviour;
  • known ecological requirements;
  • legal protection
  • licensing and permissions
  • current relevant guidance on survey methods and standards;
  • survey methods used to survey for badgers and the strengths, weaknesses and limitations of these methods;
  • range of factors that might lead to bias in the survey results, and false negatives;
  • different seasonal factors affecting surveying (vegetation growth in summer can obscure setts and field signs, seasonal sett usage patterns can affect levels of sett occupancy, spring is best time for bait-marking surveys);
  • sources of information on known occurrence and distribution of badgers (including NBN Gateway, Local biological/environmental records and local mammal/badger group);
  • metadata standards/data sharing; and
  • health and safety issues associated with surveying for badgers.



  • Identifying badger field signs accurately (setts, day nests, dung pits and latrines, faeces, paths, footprints, hair, scratching posts, odour, foraging signs);
  • identifying field signs associated with other species, especially foxes, rabbits, otters, dogs and cats;
  • assessing habitat potential for badgers;
  • appropriately scoping fieldwork;
  • planning and implementing sound scientific surveys;
  • interpreting and analysing survey data;
  • taking appropriate biosecurity precautions and procedures in relation to livestock and crops; and
  • taking appropriate health and safety precautions.



The Badger Survey Training Course will take place at:

First Ecology, Callow Offices, Shipham Road, Cheddar, Somerset, BS27 3DQ.




Monday 15th May 2017.










BOOKING ESSENTIAL: We are very sorry but we are unable to issue refunds if you are unable to attend the course for any reason.